Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

welcoming you to the online portal of the Poultry Farmers Regulatory Committee


Chairman’s Message


I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the website of the Poultry Farmers Regulatory Council.

Formation of the PFRC has been a long-time dream come true for the poultry farmers, producers, feed manufacturers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, dietitians and other stakeholders who are associated with this industry. The PFRC has been formed with the vision and mission of creating a self-regulatory body that seeks to achieve the highest standards of business in the industry and to act as the primary forum to drive the overall interests of the industry. Creation of this website is one of the platforms that will serve as the primary portal of communication and interaction amongst all the stakeholders of the industry.

However, while we have been working on setting up the PFRC in the shortest possible time and have laid out a roadmap for the future, we have unexpectedly been hit by the Corona crisis which has dealt a severe blow to the industry and the industry is presently in the throes of a severe crisis causing a huge set back to the industry. However, the poultry farmers and producers have been working hard to restore the industry to some semblance of normal business which of course will take considerably long time depending on how the corona pandemic pans out.

We have been working with various stakeholders at the national level to project our industry challenges to the Government at all levels as a primary industry catering to a huge export market and its consequent importance to India’s international trade. However, the industry has been sorely disappointed at the lack of any incentives or relief within the overall financial package announced by the Government for the rescue of the industry.


However, we wish to assure all stakeholders that we continue to stay in touch with the Government at all levels to ensure the genuine needs of the industry in this time of the crisis is met and we are able to secure the support and help of the Government for the rehabilitation and sustenance of a crucial Indian industry that meets a vital food and national demand of the national population as well as international markets.

We shall keep you updated on the various measures taken by us to bring the PFRC body into existence, as also the efforts taken by the primary stakeholders in terms of sharing their experiences and views in terms of pursuing our roadmap for the effective development of the industry and hence the interests of the ultimate consumers.