Indian Poultry Industry

About Indian Poultry Industry

India is one of the largest producers of eggs and broiler in the world. Based on 2019 data, the Indian poultry industry is worth around 204900 crores.

Indian Poultry Industry

India is one of the largest producers of eggs and broiler in the world. Based on 2019 data, the Indian poultry industry is worth around 204900 crores. According to IMARC Group, 2020-2025 shall see a huge surge in the growth of the Poultry Industry in India. The poultry sector in India has divided into two sub-sectors namely the organized commercial sector and the unorganized sector. The organized sector has 80% of the market share whereas the unorganized sector covers 20% of the market share. The unorganized sector is the backyard poultry which is the key income generation and nutrition provider for the below income people. The country has seen tremendous changes in the poultry industry for the last two decades. There is a significant shift from a mere backyard activity into a major industry with a vast number of integrated players. It has drawn substantial investment from breeding, hatching, rearing and processing activities.


Driving Forces of Poultry Market


Increasing Incomes

The growing income levels of the individual and the rise in the accessibility for the middle class has opened the new means of demand generation and market opportunities for the poultry sector.


Changing Food Habits

Being one of the world’s largest vegetarian diets, India’s new generation are turning more into non-vegetarian diets. Also, the urge for the exploration of the global cuisine has also a pushing factor for the change.


Unpenetrated Market

Being a developing country, the penetration of the regular non-vegetarian diet, and the accessibility for it is a challenge. The availability of the poultry product combined with lower cost due to the integrated production techniques has been a huge stimulus for the growth of this sector.


Expansion of Food Services Market

The rapid expansion of the restaurants and the fast food chains across the country has been a key turning point for the demand of the poultry products. Eggs and Broilers is considered to the fundamental ingredient for Food services sector.


Expansion of Bakery Foods Market

The bakery foods are so demanding nowadays that the demand for the eggs have increased in the Bakery sector heavily.


Advancement in Manufacturing Capabilities

The country has seen a wide enhancement of the poultry dressing plants. The manufacturing of egg powder, frozen egg-yolk, dressed chicken, chicken cut parts, other and the chicken-related products.

The above combination of aspects has a strong influence on the growth
of the Indian Poultry Industry.


Animal Husbandry and Dairying is a significant economic contributor in the rural population of the state. It supports more than 60% of the rural population and enhances the nutrient balance amongst the rural population. The state’s Agriculture and allied activities contribution to the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) is 45.62% whereas the livestock sector contributes 5.47%. The livestock sector is playing a prominent role in the growth of rural area development. In Tamilnadu, Poultry farming is one of the common avocations. The prominent districts of poultry farming are Namakkal, Salem, Erode and Coimbatore.

Tamilnadu ranks first in the poultry population in India with a total number is more than 12 crores according to the Livestock Census released by Union Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying. The state produces about 3.75 crores of eggs per day. In that, 3.2 crores eggs are sold within the state and Kerala. The supply of 35 lakhs eggs is for the noon meal scheme for the government. People’s realization of the health benefits of the egg has also increased its demand and the national record of per capita production of the egg (Per person for a year) is 80 and in Tamilnadu is 100. About 11 to 12 lakhs broiler chicks per day are produced of which 40 percent of it is supplied Kerala.

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