Poultry Future

Poultry Future

Farming Trends


Poultry farming has gained dramatic importance in the past two decades. The transformation from being a mere backyard farming is now being turned into a highly sophisticated integrated farming.  The chicken meat production in India has reached about 4.7 million tons annually. The country live chicken market contributes about 95% and 5% comprises the processed chicken meat. The commercial organized sector covers 80% of the market share of which the vertically integrated market comprises 60-70%. A study by McKinsey and Company shows that in 2030, the per capita chicken consumption shall grow from 3.2 to 9.1 Kg. The potential factor for the scope of the development in poultry farming is the increase in income of the individuals, the rapid expansion of the middle-class community, accessibility of the nutrient-rich food, technology advancement, etc. The strategic measures taken by the government and financial institutions have largely supported the growth of commercial poultry farming in the country.  The commercialization of poultry farming can be expanded more if the electricity disruption is limited and more of support is rendered by the government.

Consumer Trends

According to the Global Consumer Trends 2020 study, the poultry and the egg markets shall be the rapidly growing protein across the globe. The study suggests that the first and second decades of this century will see a 40% growth in protein consumption. For consumers, chicken meat is more of a versatile, healthy, nutritious, and easy to cook. These factors have made the consumption of the chicken increase drastically over the year and it is more than double when compared to the last two decades. The key factors that are driving the consumer’s trends towards the poultry products are as follows.


Convenience and simplification

The ease of cooking and feeding the family with nutritious food has been a significant boost for the preference of chicken meat and eggs among the consumers. The move towards the quick and easy meal personally and commercially, the chicken meat seems to be an inevitable choice among the consumers.


Healthy Diet

Consumers are more focused on a healthy diet nowadays. They are looking for a protein-rich low carb diet. This is pushing the sales of protein-rich products. Here, chicken seems to be the best and most preferred option for the consumers.


Consumers concern towards environment

Consumers are not just consuming the products but are keenly watching how the product is being produced. The awareness to have a more sustainable and an environment friendly product is considered to be a important agenda in the market place and the companies are judged based on these factors too. The research data of 2018 depicts that the companies which follow the sustainable practice made more than 16% of sales over its competitors which doesn’t.


Proliferation of technologies

The technology adoption among the consumers has also made a huge impact on market trends. The availability of online shopping has opened new doors for the food sector. This has opened the new opportunities for the sales of the processed food products.

Download Poultry Farm Manual – A Reference Guide for Central and State Poultry Farms by Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Government of India

Technology Trends

The shortage of the land and labour has forced the companies around the world to take the technology solution in order to overcome the shortcomings. The demand of the food is increasing day by day as there is a huge population to feed to. It is estimated that the farmers shall be feeding more than 9 billion people by 2050. The poultry farming has to step up its production processes to increase the rate of production to meet the demands. The advent of the innovative technologies has made the huge impact in improving the efficiency of the poultry farming. The world has already started witnessing the change that the technology has made in the poultry, egg and feed producers’ way of doing their businesses. 

The notable technologies that shall impact the poultry industry hugely are as follows.








Artificial Intelligence


Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality




3D Printing


Internet of Things


Big Data Analytics

Robots can be used for works like cleaning, collecting eggs and decrease labour dependence in the poultry farming. Drones can be used for monitoring and protecting the birds in the controlled environment. With the lower implementation costs, the sensors can be used have controlled set up inside the farmhouses. Artificial Intelligence uses the cognitive ability in monitoring feed, make production and processing improvements, and make the industry safer and faster. The Augmented Reality can help rate the quality of the eggs. The virtual reality can notable the better understanding of the flocks and ensure the education and training hustle free without visiting the farm. Block Chain can be used in tracking the food system in the production plant and also in the food supply chain. The Internet of Things can introduce the Smart Poultry where everything can be tracked from the farm to the table. This can be made even more possible through the big data analytics. It is termed as “farming the data” to farm the individual chickens through technology.

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